Giants Ace Surprisingly Could Be Traded; Would Red Sox Join Sweepstakes?

Autor: Patrick McAvoy

There is sure to be some star power on the move later on this summer.

The trade deadline will come and pass on July 30 and there already has been speculation that some superstars could be on the market. One player who surprisingly has been mentioned as a possible trade candidate is San Francisco Giants pitcher Blake Snell.

Snell was a free agent this past offseason and didn’t sign with the Giants until March as he held out for a massive contract that never came. He was linked to a handful of teams — including the Boston Red Sox — but ended up landing with the Giants.

He has only made three starts this season and struggled before being placed on the Injured List. The Giants haven’t lived up to expectations this season and could end up being sellers and Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller suggested Snell could be moved.

“The main draw would be Snell, so hopefully you didn’t get too sick of those daily ‘Latest Rumors on Snell’ updates from this past offseason,” Miller said. “There might be a bunch more in July. Snell’s $38.5 million player option for next season may make it tough for the Giants and a prospective trade partner to find common ground.

“It’s not an impossible hurdle, as we saw the New York Mets deal Max Scherzer and his $43.3 million player option last summer. However, a big part of that trade crossing the finish line was getting Scherzer to exercise his option in advance. Don’t bank on Snell agreeing to do that.”

Boston was linked to Snell throughout the offseason so could a trade make sense if the Giants end up dealing him? The Red Sox certainly could use another boost to the starting rotation but a massive trade like this should be considered unlikely.

Snell struggled out of the gate and has a player option for next season approaching $40 million. The only way a trade would make sense is if the Giants pitched in a significant amount of cash to make his contract more doable. Boston could’ve signed Snell in free agency but opted against a move.

There are sure to be plenty of trade rumors over the next few months but a trade involving Snell and the Red Sox would be shocking.

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