Medi-Cal adds maternal health care as one of its basic services

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maternal healthcare
Maternal health care is included in Medi-Cal coverage, expanded services such as doula visits are present, to meet all of the enrollee’s physical and mental health needs.

Maternal health care has become a priority for Medi-Cal services, which has increased maternal health to its basic services, allowing doulas (midwives) to offer care to pregnant people from conception to 12 months after birth. Birth.

Doulas or midwives are women who accompany future mothers, playing the role of a professional assistant focused on providing emotional and physical support to pregnant women during the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum process.

And, as the Department of Health Services (DHCS) continues to transform Medi-Cal (comprehensive health coverage program for children and families in California), implementing doulas in its services.

These, he specified, are essential to end racial and ethnic disparities in the pregnancy process and after it, in Afro-descendant, Indian-American, Latino and Asian-American families, as well as Pacific Islanders, since the care of doulas can help improve birth outcomes and reduce cesarean sections, epidurals, premature births, low birth weight, anxiety and postpartum depression.

Importantly, Medi-Cal covers 1 in 3 Californians, or 15 million, including 1.3 million children, so maternal health programs are essential for healthier lives well beyond conception, as well This was stated by experts during an information session held by Ethnic Media Services.

Erica Holmes, head of the Benefits Division of the Department of Health Services (DHCS), commented that work is being done to provide necessary care before, during and after pregnancy, through doulas who provide more focused and personalized support. to pregnant people. 

The expert explained that doula services prevent complications in pregnancy and are a great support in health services, including personalized support for the pregnant person, as well as for girls and boys up to a year after giving birth. In addition to providing breastfeeding advice and being a link with other areas of well-being. 

Likewise, Holmes explained that a directory of doulas has been created, where even pregnant people can find advocacy services if necessary, providing a safe space for those who feel unprotected. 

In March 2022, a process began to certify midwives so that they can offer their services in a healthy and safe manner, stressed the also doctor in law and criminal justice.

?The department will continue to strengthen its services to reduce mortality and reduce racial and ethnic disparities related to maternity issues.?, Holmes finished.

Kairis Chiaji, a Medi-Cal doula provider, explained that these ?midwives? They can be compared to a personal trainer, since their job is to get to know people and provide the necessary support to cover the physical and psychological needs of pregnant people, helping to create a plan for how their birth and the process will take place. to get to this one.

In turn, he pointed out that doulas offer plans to support families and friends, all with the aim of creating a healthy and safe space for the new member.

For Chiaji, a professional and community doula with more than 25 years of experience, supporting indigenous or Afro-descendant people is very important, since they do not always have adequate medical services, whether due to fear of the way they will be treated, their language or misinformation. ; This is where doulas have the advantage of being close and transmitting the trust of a family. 

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