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By 2036, our state will be home to millions more Texans. That growth represents significant opportunity, but also is expected to strain our infrastructure, water supplies, schools, health care system and economy and increase current inequities in our state.

We’re tackling these challenges head-on through a lens of actionable and transparent data. Our long-term Strategic Framework includes 36 aspirational goals to provide a framework about what matters the most to Texans.

Your Investment.
Our Work. Real Impact.
We’ve been able to support over 120 bills that became law thanks to the support of our donors. Here are a few of the changes we’ve been able to achieve!

865,000 students will be eligible for free, data-informed reading tutoring.

100,000 mothers qualified for up to one year of postpartum medicaid.

$1 billion investment in aging water infrastructure.

Over $700 million in high-quality instructional materials.

$1 billion investment in broadband expansion.

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Exclusive Insights

Access to regular, detailed reports and up-to-date communications about Texas 2036’s work and the impact of our policies.

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Engagement opportunities

Get special opportunities to engage with policy experts, attend special events, and participate in policy discussions.

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Receive acknowledgment in publications, at events, and through our online donor wall.

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Community involvement

Join a community of donors who are passionate about Texas’ future, with opportunities for networking and collaboration.

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Welcome Kit

We send each new donor a personalized “Welcome Kit” as a thank you for your support!

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Building Blocks of the 21st Century

As we head into the heart of the 21st century, Texas’ continued prosperity hinges on the capacity of our infrastructure resources to meet growing needs.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce

Texas 2036 is pioneering projects to cultivate a resilient, future-ready workforce where more Texans earn a family-sustaining wage.

Pioneering Pathways to Health and Economic Security

Texas 2036 will focus on key drivers that impact cost of living and competitiveness: health care and housing.

Slide “Data-driven information for our policymakers. We need to make smart, fact-based decisions to succeed in the future.” Slide “Genuine effort to move Texas forward in a non-partisan way.” Slide “It’s all about ensuring a brighter future for all Texans and being responsible stewards of this beautiful state.” Texas 2036 testimonials What they’re saying

When you make a tax deductible contribution to Texas 2036, you can rest assured that your investment is being used wisely to deliver actionable and transparent data that bring all Texans together to support critical decisions and actions for our future.

Texas 2036 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to Texas 2036 are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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