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Update from your neighbor: “Still looking for Pierre, medium, tuxedo kitty, NO TAIL last…”

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

Still looking for Pierre, medium, tuxedo kitty, NO TAIL last seen around center and stasia 10 days ago the owner has been looking on novato in the know but no luck yet please keep your eyes out black and white tuxedo no tail last seen in pleasant valley by the center and stasia intersection and the green area to the school Thanks so much

More Neighbor PostsNovato, CA|Neighbor Post|12hHi everyone. From 1951-1954, my parents and I were among the first residents of the former Rafael Village in Ignacio/Novato and now I’m working to give back to the Novato community that I love. Does anyone know any local groups and/or projects that protect and restore Novato Creek? It seems like “Friends of Novato Creek” are inactive. I am particularly interested in finding those parts of the creek where one can observe turtles and frogs, which I’ve been told are there. I love those creatures and want to protect them. Thank you.

Novato, CA|Local Question|6dHi, I am asking for a friend. He has a full time job in the medical field. He has a gentle, two year old lab mix dog, and is seeking a home with a fenced in yard. Do you allow sweet dogs and do you have a fenced in yard? If possible, can you please provide your phone number.

Novato, CA|Local Post|Nov 20|Edited

Hey Novato Patch readers! We want to know: How do YOU feel about the curfew on gathering that’s going into effect in California Saturday? Is it too much, not enough or something else? Let’s hear what you have to say here… MORE INFO:

Image credit: Shutterstock

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Novato, CA|Local Opinion|Nov 20Hello, I moved to Bahia in late July from San Francisco and greatly enjoy walking, hiking and bicycling and photographing birds. What a wonderful community…Don

Novato, CA|Neighbor Post|Nov 18I am thankful to all the wonderful employees at the City of Novato! I am also thankful for all the beautiful people that live, work and visit the City of Novato and are so kind to wear masks -and the best to everyone during the holidays!!

Novato, CA|Neighbor Post|Nov 18|EditedAs a poet, novelist, publisher, and magazine editor new to the neighborhood, I would like to do something fun for National Poetry Month (April) and am thinking maybe we can form a committee to choose some poems (including our own maybe) and come up with a fun way to post them around town… signs that stick in the ground, or with chalk on sidewalks? If the world has opened up by then, I’d love to see if we could schedule some poetry performances in front of businesses who would like to participate? I’m open to ideas. I moved here from Boston (via San Francisco) and just love it here!!

Novato, CA|Local Post|Nov 18

Thanksgiving is almost here, and this is your chance to give thanks. We want to know: Who or what in Novato are you thankful for? Reply below to say thank you!

Novato, CA|Local Question|Nov 15|EditedWho is making these mini rock towers? They are all over Mt Burdell open space. Will future archaeologists speculate on their origin like they do about Easter Island?

Novato, CA|Local Question|Nov 13I would like to know if there is an ordinance on trash cans and how long they are to be left on the street. Most everyone is so good about pulling them off the street and putting them away until the next week. Unfortunately, some people leave them out for the entire week. I was curious if the whole process was just respect for our neighborhoods, or if there was a County or City ordinance.

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Novato, CA|Local Opinion|Nov 1

Open Letter to Novato & Marin County

As many of you are aware a large number of our fellow citizens attended and voiced their opposition to the Homekey Program and the Inn Marin at the October 27th Novato City Council meeting and the Marin County Board of Supervisors meeting. To her credit Mayor Pro Tem Pat Eklund was the only one to stand up for her constituents and assertively and appropriately advocate for the community, her constituents!

The Novato community including Pointe Marin, Country Club Estates, La Casa Apartments, Ignacio Hills, Fairway Apartments and local businesses and others view this program as misguided and we are demanding that our City and County leaders stop this program! My fellow citizens are organizing and making sure our voices are heard but time is of the essence and our options are limited as the November 17 Board of Supervisors vote looms. Our best hope to prevent this injustice and miscarriage of representative democracy is for all of us ensure our voices are heard and get the Novato City Council to take bold and decisive action against the County in the next two weeks!

To be clear the community is not against helping those in need, our concerns fall into four areas:

1. Democracy, inclusion and transparency – adhering to the Brown Act and our Constitution

2. Fiscal responsibility – making sure our tax dollars are used wisely – COVID has exaggerated this and put our City in a difficult spot

3. Safety – there are hundreds of children and retirees in walking of Inn Marin, a popular bike and walking path goes through the property parking lot not to mention drugs and mental health and personal safety

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4. A Plan – it was clear at the City Council meeting that there is not a plan just concepts and ideas about what could be

Finally, there is a report in the community that calls for service to the Inn Marin to our first responders have escalated dramatically since the state began moving inmates into Inn Marin under the Homekey program a few months ago. The fact that Homekey is even happening at Inn Marin already is alarming as it was not widely communicated and this is a good example of how the Board of Directors seems to operate, behind closed doors! If these rumors are true it also completely contradicts the statements by the Marin County representatives at the City Council meeting indicating these facilities do not increase demands on first responders or safety concerns.

Leadership is difficult and challenging and this will test each of our community leaders!. Your community is counting on you and willing to help…please show us our votes for you and confidence in you is not misplaced!


Charlie Lawrence

Novato, CA|Local Question|Oct 29Why is it that all of the “Stunner” Photographs I have seen are blurry and/or out of focus ?

Novato, CA|Neighbor Post|Oct 28Need a handyman to install mighty mule gate opener in Novato . Please call Bob 415 710 8301

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