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Xiaoyu, left standing in class because he believes in God


by P. Stanislaus (达尼老神父 )

During the civics and politics lesson, the teacher states that God does not exist, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution. A young teenager expresses his disagreement and is punished: he will have to stand for a month during the lesson. The United Front campaign to curb faith among young people.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – A young teenager named Xiaoyu has had to endure standing in class for over a month, in punishment because he believes in God and because he dared to challenge his teacher who wanted to convince him not only of the theory of evolution, but also of non-existence of God.

The testimony sent to us by Fr. Stanislaus, a priest from north-eastern China, is anonymous out of respect for the young man and the teacher. But it is very significant of the campaign implemented by the United Front to curb the faith among young people. This happens not only with the ban on going to Mass for minors under 18, but also with checks and disciplinary measures among teachers and students if any of them declare themselves a believer.

Stand up!

I was surprised, but also moved when a faithful told me about his son. In class, the professor declared: “The Bible says that man was created by God, this statement is wrong. God does not exist, man evolved from apes, proof of this is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the fossil anthropoids … “.

After that, the professor asks Xiaoyu and he replies: “Professor, I don’t understand. How does the Theory of Evolution prove the non-existence of God? Although humans evolved from apes, where did they [the apes] come from? How can it be proved that they were not created by God? How is the beginning of all existence? … ”

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Xiaoyu and the professor argued throughout the lesson, leaving their fellow students speechless. After the class, his classmates went to ask Xiaoyu: “What happened to you, Xiaoyu? How dare you? … ”

At the next civics and politics lesson, the professor asks Xiaoyu again: “Do you understand?”

Xiaoyu replies: “No, I don’t understand.”

“Then stand up!”

At the following lesson, the professor asks again, and Xiaoyu says, “Professor, it is better for me to stand straight away.”

At the next one: “Professor, I will just stay standing.”

Once back home, Xiaoyu asks his mother: “Mom, what should I do? I don’t know a lot, but I heard my professor say that God doesn’t exist, and my head is about to explode. I can’t study like this: I’ve been standing up for a whole month already”.

This faithful asked me: “What do we do? Should we not let him study this subject anymore? ”

I said: “To study, we must continue to study. Theory is only theory, just remember their answer. It is possible to answer from a more objective viewpoint. For example: what is the theoretical basis of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? How can we describe the current Big Bang theory on the origin of the universe? etc…. All this does not mean denying the faith”.

This faithful says: “But the professor is transmitting the truths that he believes to them, and he admits no doubts.”

I said: “There is nothing to be done. This is the environment in which we live; one can only remain attached to one’s faith, but one must not create frontal discussions either. Try not to create problems in the study”.

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We know a lot about theories and discussions regarding the existence of God, but today it is a boy who directly challenges us and puts us to the test! Courage is the only thing he has, and he is still standing!”

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