‘As long as I’m alive…,’ PM Modi targets Congress over religion-based quota in Gujarat rally

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Taking a shot at Congress’ idea of “imposing inheritance tax,” PM Modi said, “if you have two buffaloes, the Congress will take away one if voted to power”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (May 1) dared the opposition Congress to give in writing that it won’t introduce reservations on the basis of religion. He also asked Congress to vow before the nation that it won’t amend India’s Constitution. The PM was speaking at a rally in the Banaskantha area of the Western state of Gujarat, a stronghold of his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Taking a shot at Congress’ idea of “imposing inheritance tax,” PM Modi said, “if you have two buffaloes, the Congress will take away one if voted to power.”

“This is my challenge to the Congress shehzada (prince, in a reference to Rahul Gandhi), his party, and supporters. If they have the courage, let them announce and give it in writing that they will never offer reservations based on religion. They should pledge to not tamper with the Constitution,” Modi said in the rally.

PM’s attack on ‘inheritance tax’

PM Modi cited Overseas Congress chief Sam Pitroda’s statement to corner the grand old party over the idea of ‘inheritance tax’.

“Recently, a Congress leader from abroad suggested a proposal where more than half of your inheritance will be taken away from you by the government if they are elected to power. A 55% inheritance tax will be imposed. For example, if you have 10 acres of land and you want to hand it over to your children, half of it will be taken over by their government. Similarly, if you have two buffaloes and want to leave them for your children, one will be taken away by the government if the Congress is voted to power,” he said.

‘Fake videos’

PM Modi also targeted Congress for ‘spreading fake videos’ to wage an attack on the BJP. He said Congress was weak and could not fight terrorism, adding he won’t allow religion-based quota in the country as long as he is alive.

“The party which ruled the country for 60 years has become a fake factory. What they call  ‘mohabbat ki dukan’ (shop of love) is actually a fake factory. Congress’ videos are fake, its words are fake, the Congress’ promises are fake, the Congress’ slogans are fake, and the intentions of the Congress party are fake,” PM Modi said.

The PM also referred to the Shah Bano judgment, where he accused previous Congress governments of doing minority appeasement at the cost of the rights of Muslim women.

PM said that by diluting the judgment, Congress tried to protect its vote bank whereas his government ended the practice of triple talaq and helped Muslim women.

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