Donald Trump makes rare visit to San Francisco for big-donor fundraiser

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By Andrea Nakano

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Trump makes rare visit to S.F. for big-donor fundraiser

Trump makes rare visit to S.F. for big-donor fundraiser 04:20

SAN FRANCISCO — Former president Donald Trump made a rare visit to the San Francisco Bay Area for a major fundraising event Thursday. He was greeted by supporters and opponents as made his way to the city’s Pacific Heights neighborhood.

The fundraiser was at the home of venture capitalist David Sacks. Some couples paid a cool half million dollars to get in the door.

It was out on the streets, though, where some of the liveliest confrontations happened. Just an hour before Mr. Trump’s arrival, some Trump supporters and opponents got into heated clashes as they faced off over issues such as abortion. For supporters, this was a chance to see their candidate make a rare visit to San Francisco.

Max Bonilla wanted to be a part of this moment.

“We don’t see this in California,” Bonilla said. “I know people in California try to stereotype California and make it look like it’s all blue but I don’t believe that necessarily. I think there are rural conservative red parts where people come from. Maybe even suburban moms and dads to come to a city like San Francisco when a guy that they love hardly comes by to visit.”

Some who live in Pacific Heights, like Armand Domalesky, felt the need to take a stand.

“I live five minutes from here and when I heard Trump — who hates reproductive rights, hates freedom and hates America — was going to be in my neighborhood, I had to show up and show that he doesn’t represent our values,” Domalewsky said.

There was a police presence in the area of Pacific Heights known as billionaire’s row. Only residents and attendees were allowed inside the barricades. One attendee who didn’t want to be identified said she was impressed with the former president. “I think he’s incredibly witty and quick and warm and personal and authentic,” she said.

For her, it was worth it to hear him speak about the issues to help her decide who she will vote for in November.

“I wanted to have a firsthand experience to make my mind up,” she added. “To have a better understanding of the situation.”

This fundraiser is expected to raise more than $12 million. Mr. Trump continues his West Coast campaign tomorrow in Los Angeles.

Hours ahead of his arrival, Trump supporters gathered in the city for a rally at San Francisco’s Marina Green after joining caravans in Redwood City and Oakland. Those traveling through parts of San Francisco may have been surprised to see people waving Trump flags and signs in the streets.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president touched down at SFO shortly after 6 p.m. Trump and his entourage got into a fleet of black SUVs to drive into San Francisco.

CHP closed off northbound I-280 briefly to allow the vehicles quick passage into the city. 

Strong winds grounded the giant inflatable chicken that has greeted Trump on past visits.

Counter-demonstrators planned to put the 33-foot-tall chicken with a gold hairdo on the bay but high winds forced it back to land in a Marina Green parking lot.

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